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Bergen Orgelsommer - Bergen International Organ Festival

Otto Christian Odland (orgel) og Miriam Miskovska (sopran) gir konsert i St. Pauls kirke

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Dvořák Biblical Songs and Norwegian organ music for Olsok (The Feast of St Olav 29 July) 

Arild Sandvold (1895-1984): 
Lux illuxit – The sequence for Olsok (Op. 6) 

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904): 
Biblical Songs (Op. 99, part 1) 
Darkness and thunderclouds are round about Him (Ps. 97) 
Lord my shield, my refuge and hope (Ps. 119) 
Hear, oh hear my prayer, Lord (Ps. 55) 
Oh, my shepherd is the Lord (Ps. 23) 
Songs of gladness will I sing Thee (Ps. 144 & 145) 

Gottfred Pedersen (1911-1941): 
Improvisata over the Norwegian folk tune “Hellig Olav”  

Antonín Dvořák:  
Biblical Songs (Op. 99, part 2) 
Hear, oh Lord, my bitter cry (Ps. 61 & 63) 
By the shore of the river Babylon (Ps. 137) 
Oh, Lord, have mercy and turn Thou Thy face to me (Ps. 25) 
My eyes will I to the hills lift up 
Oh, sing unto the Lord a joyful song 

Conrad Baden (1908-1989): 
Toccata, chorale and fugue on “Lux illuxit” 

Bergen Orgelsommer - 30. juni til 25. august. Søndager, tirsdager og onsdager i henholdsvis Bergen domkirke, Mariakirken og Johanneskirken.
Konserter også i Nykirken og St. Pauls kirke.

Bergen International Organ Festival - 30 June till 25 August
Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, respectively in Bergen Cathedral, St. Mary's Church and St. John's Church. In addition, concerts in Nykirken (the new Church) and St. Paul's church.


Gratis adgang, kollekt
Free entrance, collection